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At the heart of every cathedral, every diocese, sits the Bishop's chair. Symbol of his teaching authority and his direct link to the Apostles. The Chair celebrates the best of Catholicism today, springing from the physical beauty of our cathedrals to the holy beauty of the Bishop and his faith. By focusing on the Bishop, we gain the insights of Christ's apostle in our midst, learning about his vocation, his diocese, and how he is shaping the future in this time of change.

A Show with Vision The Chair is a series of 22-minute videos that tell the joyful story of the Catholic Church in America today--a television show with true vision. Each episode highlights a Bishop as he shares his own faith journey, the story of his cathedral and his community, and his hopes for a bright future. With exceptional visuals and production values, the fresh approach of The Chair blends the diverse history, architecture, and art of the Church with the Bishop's living example of Christ's presence in our world.


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Episode 3 - Diocese of St. Augustine, Florida with Bishop Estévez

The Diocese of St. Augustine, Florida with Bishop Estévez

Episode 1 Diocese of Covington, Kentucky with Bishop Foys

Episode 2 Diocese of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania with Bishop Zubik

Episode 3 Diocese of St. Augustine, Florida with Bishop Estévez

Episode 4 Diocese of Rockford, Illinois with Bishop Malloy

Episode 5 Diocese of St. Petersburg, Florida with Bishop Parkes

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The Chair has already filmed over 80 episodes in cities from St. Thomas, Virgin Islands to Juneau, Alaska.

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